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The Stoy - Lavallee Story:                    From Old Europe to the New World


"The Stoy-Lavallee Story: From Old Europe to the New World" illustrates the challenges and accomplishments of immigrants to Canada and America in the 17th and 18th centuries as seen through one family’s ancestors and how their descendants managed to thrive in what was often a hostile environment.  Bill and Peanut Stoy raised their family in Sanford, Maine, but knew little about their family histories. Bill's family came from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Peanut's ancestors came from Quebec and Nova Scotia. This book features stories of "ordinary" people driven to provide a better life for their families.  These stories are set in the context of their times – learn about the exterior forces that shaped their lives, for better or worse.  Wars, religious persecution, economic issues, and industrialization – all of those world events impacted these people.  Sometimes they participated in the events, sometimes they were victims of those events. Their lives are a microcosm of America's immigration story, especially relevant today with all of the political hot-button issues. These ancestors came from Canada, France, Germany, Sweden and Ireland.  They were master craftsmen, subsistence farmers, fur trappers, soldiers, explorers, and "mail-order brides" who shared the same dreams we have today for our families. Read this book to learn how ordinary people coped with the very real and immediate problems of their day.  The historic trends of each century are woven into the families’ stories. The last two sections of the book contain an Ahnentafel of the Stoy and Lavallee families for use by other family historians. To order your signed copy of this book, please click on "Products" on the right of this screen.

Peg & Jean:  The War Years



This is a true story of a young couple from Maine, separated for three years during World War II, as seen through their letters and personal photographs.  Read along as Jean Kenoyer, assigned to the 2nd Armored Division, fights his way through North Africa, the D-Day invasion of Normandy, Operation COBRA (St. Lo), the Battle of the Bulge, and the invasion of Germany.  While he is overseas, his fiancee Peg Johnson teaches school in a series of small Maine towns and does her best to cheer him up with photographs and notes of encouragement.  This book is a tribute not only to them, but to all of the ordinary citizens who went off to war and to the loved ones they left behind.  I hope you will gain a deeper perspective by reading their story, as I have gained from writing it. Go to the Products page and click on the picture to order your own copy. To order your signed copy of this book, please click on "Products" on the right of this screen.